Auctions & Land Sought



The Farm Agency is a full service land auction company. We provide the following types of auction services: live auction, on-line auction, and sealed bid auction.

Live Auction: Bring all interested buyers together to create an exciting and competitive bidding environment. Bidders can bid onsite, online, or absentee.

On-line Auction: Host your bidders remotely, create a more comfortable bidding environment, and save your interested buyers’ time.

Sealed-bid Auction: A land sale where any interested buyers can enter their highest bid in writing. The top submitted bid wins the sale.

Why Auction?

There are many reasons on why a land auction may be the best way to sell your farmland.

Timeframe – Time is money. Auctions give a clear timeframe and eliminate the carrying costs that can accrue when a property is listed for a longer period of time.

Focused Market – Through comprehensive marketing plans that are unique to each landowner, we will get the right potential buyers together to bid on your property either in person or remotely.

Limit Negotiation – Allow buyers to come to the sale on your terms. 

Need an auctioneer for your charity event? The Farm Agency would love to help! Email us at with the details and we will respond promptly.

Land Sought

Attention farmers looking to grow your operation! Here is your chance to do so on a public platform, producing success through unknown opportunities. We want to connect you to a land seller by publishing your “Land Sought” post on our website.  

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